Hi I am Val!

Hi! Welcome to my food paradise!

First off, thanks for stopping by! I am Val, a foodie lover living in Queens, NY! I moved to NYC almost five years ago and can’t see myself anywhere else. I love food first and foremost – but you probably already figured that since, well, you’re visiting my food blog!
A little more about me – I ran the NYC Marathon in 2019. That has probably been my biggest accomplishment in my adult life. I have two sisters who are both going to make me an aunt this year – yes, both my sisters are having babies a month apart! HOW COOL!
I grew up in Northern VA! I graduated from JMU (Go Dukes) and had the opportunity to live in Colorado for a little while as well as Philly before moving to NY. I love the outdoors (hiking, biking, swimming!) I am just a whole lot of weird fun facts but I think that’s what makes me unique!

I have always loved food but don’t think I came to the realization that I love creating until after college. My older sister played a huge role in wanting to learn to cook. She has always been so good at it and when we both lived in Philly together it turned into our ‘thing’. We would venture to the Italian Market and come back with ingredients and I would watch her create something delicious. Before you know it I was having her over for dinner showing off my skills. The rest is history…. hahaha isn’t that what they say! But seeing combinations of flavors that she would create and then again dining at restaurants would inspire me to recreate at home.

I love to focus on seasonal and EASY meals! I like local and I like fresh! You’ll see a combination of healthy meals but also not too healthy because life is about balance and I love wine and sweets!

Thanks for joining in my journey and I hope I inspire you the same way I was inspired to create delicious food!